What print service is right for your job?

In today’s age, printing services vary. To make the decision process easier we broke down each service below with the pros and cons to better assist you with which route to go. Already know which service you need? Then click the button below!


Think t-shirts you see in retail stores.
$ 4
As Low As


Full Color Prints & No Minimums
$ 25 Starting Price


Stickers, Car Wraps, Signage, Transfers & More
$ 0 Setup Fee

Print Colors

When screen printing your artwork is broken up into amount of colors in your image and printed on to shirts. We can print up to 10 colors on our screen press, which in majority of cases, is plenty for your job.

DTG printing is full color printing direct to your garment. While you may be thinking DTG is the route to go, keep in mind its substantially more expensive and best for low runs (1-20pcs) on cotton substrates only.

Setup / Screen Fees

Printboy does NOT do setup / screen charges.
When screen printing, each color in your print is made into a screen and the corresponding color pushed through it. Most shops charge for each screen they need to make, typically $35-50 per screen, per print location.

Think about it, for a 3 color print front and back of a shirt, your setup charge would be almost $300 before even factoring in shirt and print cost.

Pricing | Screen Printing

Three major factors go into pricing a job. Keep the following in mind when deciding your budget.

1 | Print Color Count - Simply put, the more colors in your print, the more expensive. This is due to the setup time to create each screen, for each color, prep & register them to the press.

2 | Print Locations - When adding print locations, ex: print on the front AND the back of a tee, the press has to be broken down and setup each time, for each location. Expect a higher price with each location needing printing on your garment.

3 | Quantity - Due to the nature of screen printing and the amount of time it takes to create each screen for your job, setup, register and test print, quantity is a major factor when pricing your job. Our press can print hundreds of shirts per hour, but if your job of 12 shirts took 2 hours to setup-- well you can see where we are going here...


Screenprinting - While we don't have setup / screen charges, instead we opt to have minimums to offset the time used to setup and prepare your job. Below is the minimums per color amount on your design(s) when selecting screen printing.

1-2 Colors: 25pc minimum

3-4 Colors: 50pc minimum

5+ Colors: 100pc minimum

DTG Printing - Digital printing requires no screens and thus, no setup. Because of this we do not have minimums and you can print full color. Sounds great in theory, however there are some major limitations to DTG printing. For instance you're limited to 100% cotton products, the print itself is more expensive and pricing is based on print size rather than colors.

Turnaround Times

Although turnaround times can vary, especially in these times we strive to provide the fastest service possible. In most cases your order can be ready within the week. However a number of factors can push this out up to 3 weeks. Specialty products, our of stock garments, and rush season can be a contributing factor.

Digital service turnaround is typically days compared to weeks, your standard sticker order only a couple days, where as a full wrap needs to be scheduled weeks out. Keep this in mind when telling us your due date. Of course we also let you know of any foreseeable delays before payment is made.

We take due dates seriously, we understand a lot of other things rely on you getting your products on time and correct.

Garment Styles

Cotton tees are great and affordable, but sometimes you need something else. Whether you need pullover hoodies, dry-fit UV long sleeve tees, pockets, sweats-- we got you. We have distributor pricing with dozens of companies, if you have a particular style in mind just let us know and we can accommodate.

Rush Services

Rush services are available for a premium. These prices can be steep so please plan your orders with that in mind. However we understand things fall though, other companies drop the ball or maybe you just plain forgot-- we can handle it.

Same Day Service

DTG and digital printed stickers have the opportunity to be printed in the same business day. As long as stock is good, get your order insanely fast when you're in a pinch. No rush charge either!

Vinyl Contour & Die Cut

Digitally printed stickers are awesome. You know whats better? Them being a custom shape as well. We do that here. You can have your gear shaped sticker on a square and when you peel it, its the shape of your gear. Or we can die cut your gear shape straight through the backing. Neither affect price, just a preference.

Vinyl Color Gamut

Our digital printer is stocked with more than just your standard CMYK colors. We added Orange, Green and LT Blk into the mix. What does this mean? We can hit 35% more colors on the RGB scale than typical printers can, especially in the Red, Orange, Green and gray scale spectrum.

ART - Screen Printing

Each color in your design is made into a physical screen. Because of this the best art possible is needed to get the most detail our of your design. The following is typically what we look for, however if you are unsure or need help, just let us know.

Vectors - .ai, .eps, .svg, .pdf

Rasters - .png, .jpeg, .bmp, .pdf, .psd
If using raster images, make sure art is 300+ DPI and to desired print size or larger. Also make sure backgrounds are not on your image if you do not intend to have them printed.

ART - DTG Printing

DTG printing is full color and what you see is what you get. Files are much more forgiving than screen printing as 72DPI, pictures from your phone and web are sufficient in most cases. However, as with all printing-- you can only print as good as the original artwork. If you are unsure, send us your file and we can see what we can do with it.

Any file types are acceptable for DTG Printing.

Specialty Inks

Screen printing can use various inks. Although plastisol is your standard selection, we also have various metallics, shimmers, glow in the dark, waterbase, discharge and more to make your design really pop on your shirt. Please note that specialty inks are only available to screen printing, not DTG.

Specialty Vinyl

Ever wanted real gold flake, or a super silver shimmer on your stickers. Or how about the oil slick holographic effect. We can do it, all printable and die cut. Just let us know what you're looking to achieve and we can try to accomodate.

Vehicle Wraps

Digital printing car signage and wraps is something we do at Printboy as well. Full color, partial, half or full wraps. All printed and installed in-house, and with 3M certified products.

Signs & Banners

Yeah, we do em too.

Dynamic Variable Pricing

Need bulk printing for stickers are name specific vinyl? Each name and photo is different? Or each sticker is numbered to create exclusivity? We can do it, just ask for dynamic variable printing when ordering your products.

Name & Number Drops

Are you a sports team trying to create jerseys? Or do you want to add a personal touch to your products by name dropping your last name on the back. We can do it. Any color(s), shape etc. No problem!

Watch Us Live!

Ever wonder how your shirts get printed? How exactly do they expose screens? Want to see how your order is produced start to finish? Watch & Chat live with our crew and get answers to all of your questions!

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